Home Buyer in USA You need to be alerted, do not buy any house that have Homeowner Association form, do not buy any house that need you to pay H0A maintenance Fee. You need to buy the home that locates in the city Resident area but not have Homeowner Association form. USA cannot even have a re 租辦公室spectful mankind President in White House, not mention the rest of Homeowner Association; like you cannot have a best mankind leader to help you all to do better, you rather have no government than to have on 商務中心e to take away your freedom to do good things, you rather have no Homeowner Association than have one to force you to pay dues the same time take away your peaceful mind to be a poor home owner.I curse all USA H0A heartless team like 住商房屋Memorial Northwest H0A showed to see minority poor homeowner right like nothing, selfishly waste our dues for their sucking cook out, selfishly use our dues to expand their Club House while the poor must have no way to have that suck to fit in those suckin 澎湖民宿g activities. Go to hell stupid bad ugly evil Memorial Northwest H0A (Anyone who has brain cell and common sense in Taiwan<Taiwanese, you need do your best to provide your good brain cell and common sense to speak for USA powerless hard working individual home owners, so 酒店工作 that you can have the right to expect USA hard working powerless individual home owners to speak for you when they are in the position to have the right to voice concern for you.> can know that your whole 30-year-old concrete sewer lines needed to be replaced with plastic pipe must be "Huang.Who 帛琉re" gangsters grouped liars trying to eat your tax payers money bonelessly "Ten.Dot.Duh.Huang.Yan" "亂.Lie" crime. Not metion to fool you to conversion your good traditional regional water supply to rely on what ever sucking emergency generator to try to profit and fill up their pocketed underground chained salvery 裝潢terrors sucking crimes<1. To eat your tax payers money. 2. To steal your underground pile of good soil. 3. To control all underground water path, to use that switch control handle to send secret code to order, press, scare, threaten all your household to bend to their force. 4. To bury any timely remote control bomb to threaten, scare, 長灘島 press you all neighborehood bonelessly.>. ) .What you can do if you are the H0A President just taken over an suspected underground chained slavery terrors linked Subdivision like Memorial Northwest showed? You demand your FBI to freeze your entire H0A function and remaining fund and spare the entire subdivision resident out of that evil force, then to make 酒店工作throughly investigation to all record traced to the very beginning to let no stone have any place to hide around the globe. You must have good brave H0A free of charge President first, then you can have good leader to be elected to be your national head.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 裝潢  .
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