Why Japan did better in Taiwan Island to keep wild natural than in Japan? Because Taiwan has had evilest Chinese can see the point of view that good better best Chinese can see, therefore, that evilest Chinese know how to tool every one (Include that good better best Chinese to be his boss, because only that good better best Chinese can do better than that evilest Chinese to see the light to form that best team to lead. I am the only exception, excluded out of that every one, because I am too stupid or too moral to be useful, therefore, they have done whatever tried to trashed me to 西裝外套murdered me but failed.) to score his goal. That how China Communist can get that evilest Chinese to help them to seal the border; too bad, evilest Chinese all lost his strength after eye contacted with simplified Chinese words. That how charming liar Angus Tung lost his best "Sway.Sin" lie ***He lost his charming after he &&&That he was a phony not indeed real him? Then he should report and advise China Communist to kill every one who has any USA tie dare show up to talk out of USA; USA dare have a 花蓮民宿ny shameless to say, you can question USA : 1. US President Bill Clinton and his co-president and First Lady Hillary Clinton cannot even be accountable for their sucking voice, cannot even be trusted with their sucking immoral, how dare USA expect anyone under their watch or tie can be trusted with any integrity or honesty? 2. USA must have to prove anyone who has any USA tie to talk out of USA +++I am writing inside the State of Texas inside my own room in front of my own computer by myself absolute free of charge+++ can 借貸 be more innocent than any Afghan who killed by US military.&&& failed to duck instead of siding with lie when he was questioned in the issue of his age by that sucking shameless brainless cold cold hard Mainland China female dressed animal slaved controlled by American werewolves |||Anyone who seat in media field loyalty to China Communist, must have that common sense to know how to report @@Like I did do my share of duty as a USA lawful resident to tell my Congress how I view US liar Bill Clinton must deserve to be impeached@@ any doubtful s 帛琉uspected sign or sight to their leadership so that to alert China Communist to make correction or adjustment without showing any "Dot.草.Jean.Sir" crime, instead of openly questioning anyone acting like she ##Any independent Chinese woman would not ever act like she's the boss %%That how English man may be called "Host" to act like he's the boss ; English woman must always be the "Hostess" to show how she can be a real white female to fit her "Inn" race and "Inn.Sin" lowest profile, not to question anyone who showing in her site but ready to say Yes to eve ARMANIry guest who ask her for any help%% to commit that sucking "強.True.Tall" crime, that how even that real tall strong Chinese woman must have only shorter younger male surround her, so that she can see all them like her little young brothers to watch them to leave her alone to learn how to live and die out of her sight, because she must have no way to watch her little young sister to take any risk out of her site, because strong woman can know how to do her best carefully not to show her weak female form in front of any unknown eyes## or he's the boss seeing his or her China Communist 婚禮佈置boss like nothing, because any unfitted unwelcome could get any path and stick to show up in Mainland China, must because China Communist too simple minded to see evil and/or too honest to know liar's cheating hard||| in that sucking TV talk; because that sucking siding showed he lost his evilest Chinese must needed strength and integrity of extreme neutral to find a charming way to let that sucking shameless brainless cold cold hard American werewolves slaved controlled Mainland China female dressed animal know that she must have to tell all her own background aged tie first before she can have any right 酒店打工 to question the personal about anyone who has not showed any immediate tie with any elected official or public office worker; you want to question anyone's age, you have to tell that anyone how old are you first, and let that another personal to decide if he or she want to follow your question up. Had Angus Tung not ever been contacted with those sucking Chinese simplified words, there's no way he could be dumb to that sucking numb ***, had not damaged by that simplified Chinese words that Angus Tung tried to role (because liar cannot afford to follow low lower lowest like your spyware can.), Angus Tung would not e 濾桶ver lost his "Sway.Sin" to come to see me any time any place he likes to see, and not ever want to leave me behind, because every time he sees me, he must be challenged to see more about me (Because he only sees evil side, therefore, every time I behave that honestest way 強.True.Tall" female dressed animal; real strong woman must really taller AND OLDER than all male that around her and makes all those male to work for her purely voluntarily freely> in front of him, he see that honestest as a most natural lie that make him want to find out why), that what I was born for to help that best charming liar to reach to that highest outer space that C 酒店打工hinese said "Jway.Golf.Jean.Jay" "4.Duck.Jay.Cone" to deserve myself to become that smallest sand because of that charming lair made me enjoyed all charming spared me out of any evil harm. Why that charming liar deserve that highest spot? Because he obviously can do better than God did: he evil minded me, yet can still have that best strength and patient to stay along with me to please my ears and eyes instead of doing any thing to harm or suffer me, and to lie down as a lifeless sand indeed the best that God want his daughter can be settled to the end. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 裝潢  .
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